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The complete developer tool for Tailwind CSS

Inspect Flow is a browser extension to quickly inspect, edit, and copy components from any Tailwind CSS website!

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Quickly inspect

Learn how your favorite Tailwind CSS websites are built! Simply hover over elements to see the utility classes that are being applied.

Copy components into your codebase

See a component from a Tailwind CSS website you like? You can copy the complete HTML component right into your codebase in single click!

View on CodePen

Further inspect how a component is structured and styled by viewing it on a CodePen Editor! See the complete HTML and a preview of the component.

Edit mode in real-time

Get instant feedback when editing elements right in your browser! Make the right decision before finalizing the changes in your codebase.

Autocomplete integrated

Can't remember the exact class name? Don't worry, every utility class name is at your finger tips when adding new styles.

Look what our users have to say

"Inspect Flow is one of the few CSS tools that becomes extremely useful when you’re working with Tailwind CSS. No more trying to guess how to recreate that fancy card you saw on a website, just use Inspect flow and get all the tailwind values you’ll need to make it and customize it."

Vivian Guillen

Founter of Tailwind Weekly

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"Inspect Flow is the tool I didn’t think I needed, but has quickly become such a powerful tool in my day to day work. Being able to quickly inspect and copy a bunch of classes is such a timesaver, but the chefs kiss is the ability to type in additional classes and see it working straight away!"

Amrit Nagi

Founter of Tailwind Toolbox

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"Inspect Flow is amazing for those learning Tailwind CSS, all you have to do is hover over the website to get your answers."

Michael Andreuzza

Founder of Wicked Templates

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"This makes Tailwind even easier than it is already. And it‘s great for beginners to experiment with the tailwind rules a bit to get the drill"

Dennis Zoma

Web3 developer

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Lifetime access

Join the +270 users that have taken their Tailwind CSS development to the next level!

  • Inspect any Tailwind CSS website

  • Edit components right in your browser

  • View components directly in CodePen

  • Autocomplete integrated with all utility classes

  • Free Chrome extension updates forever (Firefox coming soon!)

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100% money back guarantee